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Glossary.png This article is a glossary!

This article lists agreed upon terms to ease communication. Glossary articles are primarily targeted at the developers of PARPG; either developers of a specific department or the whole team in general.

This article is the glossary of the writing department.


What should be part of this glossary?

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What shouldn't be part of this glossary?

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Writing terms

Writing content


Writing process

Writing content
Writing content is an umbrella term for everything that the writing department produces. These can be actual game content (e.g. a storyline) or writing guidelines (information how the writing process should be approached). Writing content is actually game/project documentation from a license point of view. Furthermore writing content is a masked form of a proposal. For more information about proposals and how they're used in PARPG, check out this article: How to work with proposals
Writing guidelines
Writing pipeline
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