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Wip location.png This article covers a work in progress location.

Work in progress location get currently fleshed out and are not ready for review yet. Once they have been fleshed out in detail and are ready to be reviewed, they become submitted locations.


Willow's Lake

Willow's Lake is a work in progress. As such, expect it to grow slowly.

Summary of Willow's Lake

Willow's Lake is an small town that is nestled right beside a lake that is near Mora. It was founded by James Willow which obviously led Willow's lake. It has a population of a several dozen people.

The local points of interest is Sherrie's Point bar, the local farm run by Job, the lake, which has ample amounts of ice fishing, and the guard post in the middle of town which allows guard to see for miles.

The economy of Willow's Lake is based on trading with travelers and traders passing by on their way to Stockholm, often trading excess fish, vodka, and cow fat for supplies for weapons, salt, and spices. For the most part, people of Willow's Lake have been prosperous which is double-edged sword in post-war Sweden.

Geography of Willow's Lake

Willow's Creek is a bunch of cabins surrounded a three story brick tower that is the guard post. The main town is located near the frozen lake, with the western part of it protected a wall made trees from the surrounding area. The eastern part is easily defended since guards can see for kilometers, without any disruption of sight because the lake. Half a kilometer north is Job's farm, where cows and the potato farm are kept. Also south of the Willow's Creek, there is the forest.

Quests for Willow's Lake

  1. The Rowdy Ones

Sana and a couple of her men have volunteered to remove some a unsavory men at a bar who have been causing a ruckus. As you enter the bar, you find out that the men have been just recently escaped from village that had been wiped out by another town and that they barely survived.

- How does it end?

-You persuade them to settle down, and leave the bar peacefully. Later on in another quest, that could be of some help. You get paid. The best outcome.

-Bar fight ensues, which if they lose, they are extremely pissed off. It will take some persuasion to get them on your side for the other quest. You don't get paid as nearly as much the best outcome.

-Gunfight. Worse outcome. They die and you cannot have their help obviously. You do not get paid at all, however you can loot their corpses.

Storyline: As the player walks around Willow's Lake, he/she finds a woman with a couple of men besides her in the middle of the square. The woman will walk up to you after you cross a certain point, and initiate a conversation with you about the job. You can either accept it or turn it down.

IF YOU TURN IT DOWN If you turn it down, she will shrug and say she can make do with what she has and leaves for Sherrie's Bar.

Outcome: The situation is resolved peacefully. I think that would give a non-standard, β€œthe player is omnipotent being that can diffuse any situation,” quest where the NPCs are just as competent, if not more competent ins certain situations than the player.


Marie: A mercenary wanting to get an easy meal for the night and sees this as an opportunity to so. She is recruiting just in case the drunks get violent and try something. Possibly part of other quests?

The Rowdy Drunks: They are drunks that are causing a ruckus at Sherrie's bar. Reason why? Suffering from Post Dramatic Stress Syndrome or the like. Basically their town got slaughtered and now their depressed since well, their town got slaughtered which family and friends are all dead...seriously what else do I need to explain?

2. The Search for Answers

Summary: The player is sent to investigate the possibility of hostile take over from other towns. In the course of the investigation he/she is captured and taken to a village where they find out who was behind the attacks.

Special Notes:The village should be deserted with clue in the shape of a journal of someone. OR just clues littered across the town to tell what happened.

What Really Happened:The village was running on hard times, with trade being non-existent because of Willow's Lake, and crops not producing enough food. The townsfolk were getting desperate eating just about anything they could get there hands on, often eating just once a day. Suggestive of one of the village members resorting to cannibalism.

Then along came another group of people, who are very Charitable and for the most part are very nice. Then along came the offer. The mysterious group of people offer the villagers to move and join them even though very few people trusted them. So the town was split between two factions: those who wanted to leave and those who wanted to stay here. Things started to slowly grow more tense until they finally snap and poof! Town Wide Fight. The people who wanted to stay lost, some of them being the drunks at Sherrie's Bar.

NPCs: None really.

How does it end?-The player ends up getting captured by the mysterious village group.

3. The Other Side

Summary: The player awakens in a tent surrounded by guards armed with makeshift swords, wearing what looks like bear skins refashioned into a coat. He is escorted around the village by chief's right hand and can ask about the village life, even talk to the chieftain himself. The reason why is that they don't want to kill anyone.

Through this you here their side of the story, for players that didn't find all the clues, didn't read them, and so on.

  1. Todos:

Please describe one or more characters to interact with for the actor (then you can remove this point on the todo list).

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