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This is a document written to describe a *possible* Backstory timeline for the WWIII setting of PARPG. It should be considered "concept", although if people want to grab details from it that might be fine as well. For a more detailed look, see WWIII_background

Time Line

    • Need to check late cold war time line
  • 1985 - Gorby takes over, reforms begin
  • 1985/1986 Russian hard liners take over, reoccupy and resolidify Warsaw pact, whip up nationalism. Instead of political and economics reforms to save stagnant economy, USSR turns to outright aggression and conquest.
  • 1986-1988 time marked by substantial increase in world tension and military build up
  • Reagan/Bush (1988 election) push back hard and begin to openly support Afganistan with US troops
    • ALTERNATE: Dukakis wins 1988 election; appeases soviets?
  • US begins to split between hardline anti-commmunist and liberal hippie types, as increased military preparedness and spending causes domestic tension
  • 1989 Bush assasinated (presumably by Russian agents), President Qualye sworn in.
  • Qualye does some dumbass shit, resulting in both worsening international relations as well as widening the gap in the US.
  • Russia, sensing weakness invades finland and begins annexing eastern bits of Rumania/Bulgaria/Poland under the guise of restoring pre-WWI borders.
  • NATO balks at the defense of Finland, with the US looking leaderless. President Qualye threatens atomic retaliation over the invasion of Finland and other acts of Soviet agression. In a "reverse cuban", the Russians call his bluff, and Qualye doesn't act.
  • the US is plunged open riots, and civil unrest.. possibly civil war.
  • The Soviets invade Germany and western europe, begin to use battlefield nuclear weapons
  • NATO is in disarray with unrest in the US, but Soviet attack empowers right wing take over of US. Martial Law in the US is declared; "liberal" Senators and Congressmen are put under house arrest.
  • With Soviets nearing French/German border, French government begins systematic destruction of Russian population centers, USSR retaliates in kind vs. France/England.
  • War graudually progresses tit for tat as US/USSR have wrecked Europe and start wrecking each other.
  • US/USSR begin plans to "move" centers of government and population to less devastated regions of the word (US -> Canada/Central america); (USSR -> asia)
  • China invades India, south east asia (WWIV)
  • USSR attacks China (WWV)
  • Atomic war continues to spread to rest of world, as "long war" plans have allowed US/USSR to continue weapon production even after major nuclear strikes
  • Eventually even this capability is destroyed - along with 99% of the worlds industrial base and 60% of the population.
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