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Ongoing sprint.png This article covers an agile concept!

Agile concepts are currently evaluated by the development team to help us stay focused and make better progress on a more steady basis.

This article covers team conventions that turned out to be useful based on actual sprinting experience.



Team conventions are updated during the sprint and document best practices that are distilled with the inspect and adept approach.

Sprint prioritization

As special guideline for our first sprint, we'll introduce a voting system. Every PARPG developer who considers to contribute to the sprint can cast 3 votes on user stories that reside in the product backlog. You can cast all 3 votes on one user story or split up your votes. Developers who would like to contribute to a sprint but can't attend the sprint priorization meeting, for whatever reason there might be, can cast their votes at the sprint boards of the forums. Sprint interns can't cast votes. If you can't commit to an upcoming sprint (= invest at least 5 hours per week to work on sprint tasks), please refrain from voting.

In case we can't agree upon one specific user story to work on after the three top user stories have been discussed, the sprint developers will vote again. This time each sprint developer has exactly one vote and votes can be only cast on one of the top three user stories identified in the step before.

Product backlog prioritization

  • Prioritize the product backlog before the meeting and ensure that everyone is actually familiar with it


  • Let devs write down the tasks of their specific department


  • Ensure that every dev can actually log into Trac before sprint meetings start
  • Ensure that tasks can be assigned to all departments


  • Ensure that all sprint devs have working Trac & SVN accounts they can log into
  • Ensure that all sprint interns have a working Trac account and can log into it


  • Activate timezone conversion
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