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Submitted storyline.png This article covers a submitted storyline.

Submitted storylines have been fleshed out in detail and are ready for review by the other developers. Once they have been reviewed and agreed upon, they become established storylines.


This article lists all main story arc proposals.

Make sure to also check out the storyline category which might contain additional story proposals.

The list


This list is here temporarily to document existing proposals.

Bits and pieces

This list is also temporary and unsorted.

What if we had 2-4 main stories occuring at the same time. So we have this going on, but then from the beginning other stories are present that are potentally important to the player as well. In one play through you couldn't know the full extent of each story, and each story would require at least an adjusted playstyle. So its up to the player to pick up on the memes of our story and follow the ones that seem closest to their own characters curiosity/needs etc..
...The last scene of the game being this small group of people <...> stuck in a shelter/vault underground, <...> the vault is under a mountain of snow a kilometre deep.
The story then is that a super-blizzard is coming and you have to find some way to either prevent it or survive it <...>.
On the prevent it, I think there shoud be some way to do this in game but it means that from the time you know it's coming to the time it happens you have to do things almost perfectly (though scope still left for individual role playing).
Let's say the protagonist witnesses an act of violence: A group of villagers pick on another villager. If you're local then it could be your friend (player makes the decision in dialog) or long time enemy (both had crush on same girl/boy) if you just wandered in from the wastes you have the option to interfere. If you do not interfere in either case then the topic will be brought up no matter what at the village itself - the harassed villager was carrying a piece of equipment/technology/ten tins of food (something which would be considered important by the player from the protagonists viewpoint).
Where did that piece of equipment/food/whatever come from ? That very harassed (and killed, if the protagonist did not interfere) villager would have carried that information.
What if the moderate nuclear winter was caused by a doomsday weapon design particularly to create nuclear winter... like microscopic, highly reflective chaff launched high enough to stay up there. Perhaps it was the weapon of an equatorial or near-equatorial nation
Able Archer 83 + Operation RYAN = Nuclear Strike/Retaliation Strikes + Aftermath = Shattered Civilisation. Disease would follow, with the breakdown of the infrastructure.
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