Stonebone Hammerhand

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WIP NPC.png This article covers a work in progress NPC.

Work in progress non-player characters get currently fleshed out and are not ready for review yet. Once they have been fleshed out in detail and are ready to be reviewed, they become submitted NPCs.


Character informaion

  • Name: Stonebone Hammerhand
  • Age: approx. 33
  • Languages: Finnish
  • Mental: Average
  • Social: Average
  • Physical: Above avrg.
  • Combatant: Only when Provoked / Aggressive

Physical appearance

See description below.

Character description

He is the strongest person in the vicinity. He got his name because it is said his bones are as stones: heavy and practically unbreakable. He once killed a man with a slap to the face. He is the blacksmith. His long blond beard he weaves in a braid, while his long hair is ruffled, full of all sorts of trash, rarely washed and uncombed.

Although he is strong and is not hesitant to use his hammer to persuade others in the correctness of his own views, he does have a grain of wisdom so he thinks before he talks.

He is one of the potential warlords which could try to rule over Planes. There is a total of four and he is of the highest quality among them. In a case of mutual onfrontation, almost certainly he will rise to the top.

His past is obviously very dark, but he never talks about it. People believe he was stuck greatly by loss of his parents during the war (he was a teenager at the time).

As a person he is calm, even if provoked. But, he becomes impetuous and aggressive when contradicted in what he believes is the truth. The greater the seriousness of the situation, the greater his aggressivity. He does not understand the value of peaceful discussion on contested questions. Fortunately, there are only a few things in which he has such an attitude. Unfortunately, the need for military organizing of Planes and military destruction and subjugation of all opposing communities (including the Mall) is on the top of that list.

He is one of the main problems in peaceful resolution of the situation with the Mall. None are wiling to contradict him which is the main problem. If he is to organize and lead the fight, Planes will be victorious. But, as he will (attempt to) lead Planes in the wrong direction (grater "military expenditures" then are necessary), sooner or later he will enter into conflict with other community leaders, and either kill some of them in the middle of an argument and be exiled, or he will get killed in sleep.

Quest options

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