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Sprint meeting.png This article covers a sprint planning meeting!

Sprint planning meetings take place at our sprint IRC channel. They're utilized to break down the user stories identified in sprint prioritization into tasks the sprint team commits to during the sprint.

This template can be used for all sprint planning meetings.



Timeslot for the meeting:

  • Date notation: YYYY/MM/DD
  • Time notation: 24-hour clock, UTC±0

Meeting type

Sprint planning meeting.

Meeting place

IRC channel where the meeting takes place. Usually #parpg-sprint.

Meeting goals

  • Identify essential and optional user stories for the sprint
  • Break down user stories into tasks to fill the sprint backlog

Meeting guidelines

  • Strict 110 minutes timebox
  • The chair moderates the meeting
  • Speakers use the <end> tag to indicate that they've given their feedback to speed up the meeting
  • Missing sprint developers check out the meeting report at the wiki

Meeting timeline

  • Start time
  • Tasks and timeboxes
  • End time


  • Chair: usually the sprint coordinator
  • Scribe
  • Attending developers:
    • Developer1
    • Developer2
    • Developer3
  • Missing developers:
    • Developer4
    • Developer5


  • Identified essential and optional user stories for the sprint
  • Link to sprint backlog that contains the list of all sprint tasks

Parking lot

The parking lot is used for topics that can't be explored within the meeting due the meeting's time limit. These topics will be added to the parking lot. The sprint team will briefly discuss the parking lot items after the meeting has officially ended and volunteers for each parking lot item have to be identified to ensure that these tasks are actually tackled until the next meeting.

Meeting logs

  • Link to meeting logs
  • Meeting start timestamp
  • Meeting logs timestamp notice (usually UTC-7)
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