Splitting up the PARPG IRC channel

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Infrastructure proposal.png This article covers an infrastructure proposal.

Infrastructure proposals are suggestions how to improve the project infrastructure; this also includes the code toolchain and tools for code documentation. Infrastructure proposals will be evaluated by the project management department and implemented down the line if they have been agreed upon.

This infrastructure proposal explores if we should split up the PARPG IRC channel #parpg at freenode into subchannels that are primarily meant for discussing specific aspects of PARPG (development).

What kind of subchannels should there be?

Most popular OSS project have one global IRC channel for community members. In addition to that some projects also have a developer channel where development related aspects are discussed.

When to move discussion to subchannels

Should we use the main channel for all kinds of development discussion if there is no ongoing heavy non development discussion? Or should discussion always take place in the appropriate subchannel?

How to log the channels

Right now #parpg is logged via an eggbot that is hosted for free by a former FIFE developer. How would we log the new channels?

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