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Wip faction.png This article covers a work in progress faction.

Work in progress factions get currently fleshed out and are not ready for review yet. Once they have been fleshed out in detail and are ready to be reviewed, they become submitted factions.

Here is the Sajudis faction by MrWillis.



During the Great War, Latvia, led by its Sajudis controlled government tried to peacefully separate from the USSR. The USSR replied by sending in soldiers to quell the rebellion by force. In the massacre that followed the citizen leadership of the Sajudis was slaughtered leaving the survivors to rebuild. Among the survivors was a young ambitious Colonel named Filips Landsbergis, who begrudgingly joined the Soviets in order to save his men from execution. However when the bombs dropped, Filips Landsbergis’ men were out doing training in the forest. Upon hearing the news, Filips took action and did not respond to the war, waiting in the forest with his men, waiting until the last bomb dropped. Filips and his men then came out of the forest, settling in a nearby town that supported the pro-independence.
Filips and the town councilors decided to form their own country realizing that the end had arrived. They formed three branches of the new government: the legislative, the judicial, and executive branches. Filips and other members of the council decided the the best way to protect themselves was to expand, making sure they were self-sufficient and large enough for no one to even dare mess with them.
So for the next decade or so the Sajudis allowed towns and villages enter their little in country in exchange for food and men. Those that resisted were quickly captured by General Landsbergis. After the decade of expansion, the Sajudis started focus on remaking basic commodities like hospitals, farming, shelter, and schools which lasted for five years or so.
After the reconstruction years, the Sajudis stopped trying to expand and started trading with people in the surrounding area. However the last year, the Sajudis government had given permission to General Filips Landsbergis to send scouts to northwest over to Sweden to make contact with anyone that was still alive. Upon discovering that there were still pieces of civilization, the scouts returned to Sajudis with their reports.
Based on the reports the council decided to allow General Filips to send a group sixty men and women over to Sweden to set up an outpost to expand the influence of the Sajudis. The outpost was founded near the remains of Helsinki and was named Alpha Outpost.
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