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Code reference.png This article covers outdated code reference information!

Code reference articles are stored at the wiki for legacy reasons. They are often outdated and duplicate Epydoc code documentation and department-specific tutorials. Code reference articles need to be reviewed by the programming department to see if they provide any useful information that is not available elsewhere at the wiki. After they have been reviewed and their unique information has been moved to more appropriate articles, the code reference articles should be deleted.

ApplicationListener Class

This class inherits from the EventListenerBase class. If you want to learn more about how classes that inherit the EventListenerBase class work, please read Eventlistener

  • __init__()
  • keyPressed()
  • onCommand()
  • onConsoleCommand()
  • onQuitButtonPress()
  • onAboutButtonPress()

IslandDemo Class

  • __init__()
  • loadSettings()
  • initLogging()
  • createListener()
  • pump()
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