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Submitted storyline.png This article covers a submitted storyline.

Submitted storylines have been fleshed out in detail and are ready for review by the other developers. Once they have been reviewed and agreed upon, they become established storylines.

This is a strictly WIP article for a Main Plot/Storyline proposal based on the (global) weather changes and partly on already created 'content' (if one may call it that at this stage) --Gaspard



 "After several days of wandering aimlessly in a fierce snowstorm, the player finds themselves half-
 dead at the gates of a settlement. No more rations to go on and most of the travelling gear
 damaged or lost in the blizzard. The player has to rely on the inhabitants' mercy for longer
 than they'd wish for, eventually getting mixed up in what goes for local politics and power
 And then a malfunctioning electronics device intercepts a strange radio transmission..."


Beginning and Baby-steps

At the beginning of the game the player is put into a difficult situation straight away, promting the first task or quest beginning automatically - getting equipment to continue travelling. The player will be 'stuck' in the first location because of the weather and cannot leave before certain equipment is collected. For that quests will have to be solved, some paths leading to the equipment being collected being faster, some slower.

As the settlement has hit difficult times (hard weather, internal conflicts) the player has to prove themselves to the inhabitants, getting dragged into a conflict between the settlement Leader Kimmo Niity and his brother Pete. Things turn ugly and depending on the 'eficiency' of the player's actions the conflict could escalate into the inhabitants, on the urging of Kimmo Niity, waging war with a near by settlement.

And then...

In the midst of all the action a radio signal is picked up. 20 years after the war this is a very uncommon occurrence indeed and hopefully the player's interest should be peaked. Even if the player chooses not to go headfirst looking for the source of the transmission, during the game there should be pointers every now and then to get the player there - to a pre-war weather station/scientific outpost, somewhere in the mountains. That serves also as a pseudo END LOCATION for the game. Why pseudo? Depending on some of the decisions of the player it might be possible and even necessary for the player to move on after reaching the weather station.

Player is not railroaded anywhere and is free to roam the world as he pleases. In different places, after the first signal is picked up, several occurrences of intercepting the signal will happen and the transmission will become a natural topic for gossip. Some influencial character might even offer a sort of reward...

"And then you may have my daughter's hand in marriage!" the Great King exclaimed.

...for finding the source of the transmission.

Back to the topic: the weather station. As said this is a pre-war location in a remote, difficult to approach (examples: a mountain trollie broken, previous snow-block opened up by an avalanche during the great blizzard at the beginning of the game etc) spot in the mountains. Station was semi-automated and for yet undetermined reasons the systems got turned on again during or right after the snowstorm (the blizzard either damaged the station, triggering the back-up systems taking over the obviously non-working main power systems; or external meddling - someone found the station and accidentally activated it, could lead to an interesting 'end fight' for the player). The goal of the systems was to monitor weather patterns and transmit any critical data to the outside world, if the station happened to be uninhabited. The transmission is probably in code and complete gibberish until the player make stheir way to the station and sees the raw data for themselves - an impending global weather catastrophe is approaching at a rapid rate. After getting this information the player is faced with two endings (NIHIL!!!) depending on how they played the game. I call them the FAIL scenario and the SUCCESS scenario:

Endgame Scenarios

  • the FAIL scenario: the player was slow and took their time getting to the station. the time is up. no way for the player to warn anyone - doom is at hand. game over
  • the SUCCESS scenario: the player got to the station in time and manages to warn all or several of the settlements (if player chooses to do so). Mind, the catastrophe is still approaching. But there will be hope. game over


The Very Beginning

After the character creation and a short intro the player starts at the gates of a settlement and is being hailed by the guard or guards. A short dialog ensues, where the player is asked where they're from and can answer whether they were travelling alone or in a group and who they are and where they are from (probably - from up North, beyond local World Map). These answers will have some consequence later on (if you tell different stories later, NPCs might get suspicious). Half way through the dialog player character passes out/faints out of fatique and is carried into the settlement.

Shortly after coming to, the player is asked to go to the leader of the settlement, Kimmo, for a 'friendly talk'.

FIRST MAJOR QUEST - Collect Equipment necessary for travel (AUTOMATIC)

Here the player has the first chance to roam a little and explore the area, although in this case soon a grumpy guard will come to look for the PC and will take them to Kimmo Niity. If PC is in the middle of a dialog with anothe NPC the guard will interrupt.

Kimmo is an old man, survived the WW3 back in the day 20 years before. Once, a great leader who united the people to build the settlement into the old mall the way it is today, now a bitter 'oldie' feeling the cold getting into his bones, the body slowly failing him. But his mind is sharp, and although his ulterial motives are selfish, all in all he still wishes good for his people. First Kimmo will interrogate the player. He is one of the NPC to whom the answers you made at the gate matter. If you now tell Kimmo another story of how you ended up at their gate, he might get suspicious or even angry and you might get worse travelling equipment as a reward or into a fight even. With an important NPC like Kimmo, losing his trust can have later repercussions (maybe just a very wise or perceptive character notices the suspicion flashing in his eyes when you tell a 'lie')

Kimmo is the one who tells the player about the stolen MCGUFFIN(MCG) - SECOND MAJOR QUEST. The player has to work for the equipment and rations they need to keep on travelling. Keep in mind this quest (Find The MCG) is only one way to get the equipment and leave. To solve the FIRST MAJOR QUEST the ways are many (check quests section).

Waging War

Investigating the theft and following any leads (all planted by Kimmo himself) will point to a neighboring settlement, not too far, but mainly keeping to themselves (that's what all sensible peoples do in a post-apoc world). Hearing the news from you, Kimmo starts rallying the people against the 'thieves'. If you're smarter than an average bloke, then you can see through Kimmo's deceit (check quests section) and pick from different choices of how to react to the situation. For example if the player manages to persuade a guard to let him get out and hike to the other settlement, interrogating them will make it obvious that they have nothing to do with the McGuffin. If the player chooses to leave the area by getting the travelling gear by any other means (the quest section) the war will take place and Kimmo will prevail. This will affect the end-game Feedback or End-Slides about the given area.

The World Keeps Turning

Not necessarily in the Mall location, perhaps elsewhere, so all the Major Quests would not start in the same place (if it makes a difference to anyone). In a tavern or bar a bartender complains about the Panasonic double cassette player not playing the tapes anymore. Asks you to fetch the techie guy from the far side of town (why you and not anybody else? "You're the only one sober enough"). Of course, you can offer to fix it yourself. The device might not even get fixed(You lack the necessary skills and connect some wrong wires and suddenly you hear a crackle from the speakers), anyway it (accidentally or not) picks up a radio transmission. Some gibberish mixed with something sensible - the transmission being something unheard of, 20 years after the Apocalypse! That is how the THIRD and main, endgame quest will start. If the player does not fix it eventually the techie will still hear the transmission and as it happens in the Tavern, rumors spread around. In different towns different tech-enthusiasts might hear the same transmission.


Major Quests

  • FIRST MAJOR QUEST (collect necessary EQ - actually a minor major quest, so to say. to get the ball rolling)
    • Kimmo's Quest for the McGuffin - an investigation type quest, no special skills required, but high intelligence or pure chance might give very different results and open up other paths to advance the game.
    • Trader's Way - player manages to get the equipment at a bargain price from the quartermaster (requires some other quests to be done to have something to barter with!)
    • The Sneak - you can stealthily make your way into the quartermasters during his/her sleeping hours and steal everythiung what you need (NOTE: for this another exit, other than the Main Gate, has to be discovered also)
    • The Brute - overpower the quartemaster. Chance to just intimidate, but probably end up in combat and that gets you into trouble.
    • The Diplomat - with a simple sleight of hand wipe some forms from Kimmo's desk and forge some papers and "persuade" the quartermaster that Kimmo issued you this and that.
  • SECOND MAJOR QUEST (Kimmo's stolen McGuffin)
    • The investigations will all point to a nearby settlement. In the long run, the McGuffin is something that is essencial for the survival of the Mall inhabitants. After the player proves that, Kimmo starts rallying people for waging war and reclaiming what is theirs.
    • if player solved the FEDEX quest and has high enough INT etc might see through Kimmo (he is the one who arranged the murder of his brother and the 'theft' of the McGuffin. He also arranged for all the signs to point in the other Settlement's direction to have reason to unite his people under a common cause under him(important point).
    • player can join the other settlement
    • or uncover Kimmo's nasty plan
    • or work with Kimmo
    • or 'defect' and leave the area by other means (NOTE: in this case the war will still take place and the outcome will be scripted and has nothing to do with the Player)
  • THIRD MAJOR QUEST (locate the Radio Transmission source)
    • this is THE quest. necessary for completing the game. two outcomes: failure, you're too late. or success, which leads to the FOURTH major quest
  • FOURTH MAJOR QUEST (the success scenario: warn the nearby settlements)
    • if you manage to warn enough settlements, then there will be hope! And maybe even a sequel ;)



Minor Quests

  • The Beer Quest
  • The FEDEX quest (NOTE: can have great impact on the McGuffin quest)
  • The Broken Panasonic device (NOTE: branches out and gets promoted to Major Quest (THIRD - Radio Transmission), when the transmission is intercepted)
    • fetch the tech guy
    • fix it yourself


I have roughly plotted a few important quests with solutions and the intercepting of the transmission. I'll try and write it all here as I get the chance (and Internet access...)

- Kimmo is going to be really really old. And bitter. Once a great leader, now a two-faced monster, acting out of fear for his position as the leader and an important asset to the community. Arranges murder of his brother. If player does not meddle enough or meddles in a certain way then Kimmo stages an incident that will lead to a war with a near by settlement 'to unite the people under him and to show him as a great leader'

- The weather station is going to be the most high-tech location with the most high tech.. well.. tech, technology. In. the. whole. game. Most of everything else is post-war manufacture and rare scavanged rickety rackety pre-war tech.

- As the game is a survival RPG I have some thoughts on World Map encounters.

-- Gaspard

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