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Wip location.png This article covers a work in progress location.

Work in progress location get currently fleshed out and are not ready for review yet. Once they have been fleshed out in detail and are ready to be reviewed, they become submitted locations.

Quests in PARPG


left‎ This page here shall list all Quests in PARPG and contain links to them.

[01] Fedex Quest

[02] Beer Quest [Status: Implemented]

Quests being currently worked on:

[03] Willow's Lake (This is a location and may probably have several quests)

[04] Night Terror

By shevy:

Guys, we want to focus on trying to finish as much as possible within 2012. Because we don't know if we will continue or not. My suggestion is, we concentrate and focus on a few KEY elements of the game.

One issue is combat. We will try to get combat into the game.

The other issues is new quests. I suggest we focus on ONE quest, and we ALL work together on it. For this, we may have to adjust a few ideas about them.

My current suggestion: Quests 03 and 04 will be merged into:

"Night Terror at Willow's Lake"

Shevegen 21:48, 27 February 2012 (CET)

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