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Philosophy.png This article covers a development philosophy!

Development philosophies are guidelines how specific departments or the project as a whole approach their work. They set a direction for development, define good practices and explain why these good practices are used.

This articles covers the key philosophies that apply to PARPG development.

Key philosophies

  1. Real life first. Working dedicated on the project while limiting the amount of contributions to have enough time left for job, education and family.
  2. Early bird & step by step. Small incremental commits. Release often, release early. The importance of refactoring to code evolution. Provide development snapshots.
  3. Free as in free speech. Open source licenses for code, assets & project documentation.
  4. Don't reinvent the wheel. Standing on the shoulder of giants & constructive laziness. Utilize existing libraries, avoid re-implementation.
  5. Lead by example. Set examples instead of applying pressure for volunteers who invest their free time.
  6. Professionalism. Utilize the best tools, software engineering, project management and scientific concepts in general that are available to get the job done.
  7. Deliberative project communication. Treat each other with respect. Listen to community feedback. Real-time developer communication and brainstorming.
  8. Transparency and honesty. Public repository, wiki and forums so all progress is visible. Honesty as basis for all kinds of public relations. Usage of public communication channels over private communication. Short blog updates on a regular basis to keep the community up to date.
  9. Subsidiarity. Leave the final decisions to the departments that actually know their fields of work best.
  10. Delegate whenever possible. Delegate tasks to departments with the experts for a specific field. Recruitment of developers for specific tasks rather than letting everyone do everything.
  11. Be agile. The team has adopted agile principles to make better progress on a more regular basis. Stick to these principles. For details, see Agile philosophy.
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