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Trac.png This article is a Trac how-to!

Trac how-tos serve as documentation how the Trac project management software is utilized by the developers in general or how it's used by a specific development department.

This article explais how Trac is utilized by the project management department.


Batch modification of tickets

Trac offers an easy way to batch modify tickets with the help of a Trac hack/plugin. This plugin is currently acticated for our Trac repository so this functionality can be used:

The process

Batch modifying ticket is a two step process:

  1. Finding the relevant tickets to batch modify
  2. Modifying them

How to find tickets for batch modification

There are two ways to find Trac tickets to modify them:

  1. Via the Trac roadmap:
    1. Open the roadmap:
    2. Select a milestone you would like to modify and either click on the "Closed tickets", "Open tickets" or "Total tickets" link of it, depending if you just want to modify open tickets, closed tickets, or both of them.
  2. Via Trac query:
    1. Open Trac query:
    2. Customize the query to ensure that all relevant tickets are found. To do so, you can add custom filters for ticket fields.

Modifying the tickets

After you have a list of all possible relevant tickets, you can review each one of them to ensure that only the right ones are updated:

  1. Each ticket in the list has a checkbox left of it, check/uncheck them as needed.
  2. After you selected the tickets, you can batch modify their fields. You can also batch modify greyed out fields such as "owner", "status" or "milestone". Just click on the checkbox next to the field and you can modify it.
  3. Make sure that you have added a comment as batch modifications are major changes that should be always commented on!
  4. Click on the "Change tickets" button to actually modify them.
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