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Subversion.png This article is an SVN how-to!

SVN how-tos serve as documentation how the Subversion version control software is utilized by the developers in general or how it's used by a specific development department.

This article describes project management-department-specific ways of working with Subversion.


Repository structure

  • branches: branches for changes that should not go into trunk right away
    • active: branches under active work that introduce larger changes that would likely break trunk
    • historic: archived branches not under active work anymore
    • media: storage repository for raw assets (3d models, textures, sounds, music, etc.)
  • tags: tagged releases
  • trunk: the main development branch
    • game: the game itself, including ingame assets
    • tools: all kind of (asset creation) tools


Tagging releases

Common tasks

Command Line SVN

Tagging a release


Tagging a release

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