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Recruitment.png This article is a contribution how-to!

Contribution how-tos contain an introduction to all important topics and concepts a developer who would like to contribute to the project should know about. There are both department-specific contribution guides as well as one general project contribution guide.

This article addresses the various ways that programmers can contribute to PARPG.


Participate in Discussions

The forum and IRC are our main methods of communication. All current discussion of implementation and new functionality happens in these two areas. We always need more input and fresh ideas so get involved!

Finding, Reporting and Fixing Bugs

The next step is to actually fire up PARPG and do some testing. If you spot any abnormalities you can always report these by filing a bug ticket at our Trac page (see Programming:How to use Trac for instructions and guidelines on filing Trac tickets). Trac tickets are reviewed by developers and triaged according to how severe the bug is and how easy it would be to fix, but eventually your bug ticket will be assigned to a developer and addressed.

If you want to get your hands dirty you can always choose to fix the bug yourself. If you do fix the bug create a patch file as described in Patches and attach the patch to the ticket. The patch will be reviewed and applied later on. You can also look through existing Trac tickets and work on fixing other reported bugs (but do look through the sources outlined in Coding Current Tasks first to make sure that someone else isn't working on the same thing!).

Code Improvement and Commit Reviews

Code is never perfect and we are always looking for ways to improve it. If you find any area that needs some work please post on the forums and identify the problem as well as any possible solution. We will work with you from there and create a task to get the job done.

Also each commit should be reviewed by at least one other person (but the more eyes the better!). Code review is a great way to get introduced to PARPG's codebase so do not hesitate to look over the most recent change logs and post on the forums with any issues you may find.

Coding Current Tasks

The current list of major programming tasks and who is tackling them is listed on Programming:Current tasks. Always check out the current tasks list before working on a Trac ticket, and be sure to add yourself to the list if you've been approved to tackle a major bug or feature request.

Various programming tasks and bug reports can be found on our Trac page. Tickets assigned to "parpg" are open to work on. If you decide to work a ticket you should leave a comment at the ticket to inform the other developers about it.

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