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Wip faction.png This article covers a work in progress faction.

Work in progress factions get currently fleshed out and are not ready for review yet. Once they have been fleshed out in detail and are ready to be reviewed, they become submitted factions.


"Because it's all changed, right? Fuckers who looked down on us - where are they now, huh? My baby-girl, she gets everything she wants. Anything she asks for, I get her. Daddy Ostling; he's Sweden; he's everything. You see me on the corner in Haninge, you step out of my way real quick." Georg Ostling

Basic Information

The Ostling clan were nobodies; an extended family of low-lifes spread across the poorer villages north of Stockholm, born into a culture of petty crime and neglect. Georg Ostling, the heavy-set, drunken patriarch, was mocked in town. Then the bombs began to drop.

In the chaos and the devastation, Georg Ostling ran up to the mayor, attempting to flee the local town, and broke his jaw. Later that day, an Ostling man set the local police station alight. As bodies burnt, with refugees, injured and dying, swarming in from the smoking ruins of the capital, Ostling declared carnival - a carnival for the end of the world. As drunken thugs (many of them Ostling family members) looted, robbed and terrorised, frightened townspeople came to Ostling for protection - which he provided, at a hefty price.

As time went on, order of a sort was re-established - mostly due to the cool head of Ostling's youngest son, Dolph. The Ostling men still caused trouble, but only in the neighbourhoods where Georg had not yet 'agreed' to offer protection. In the vacuum of power, even as reports were coming in that humanity had been largely wiped out, this most unextraordinary of men, with a startling lack of imagination, consolidated his strength. Ostling men began to produce brandsaker - a home-made, extremely potent narcotic for snorting - and, despite a few deaths, began to sell it on their streets.

Since then, Ostling has dominated the land surrounding Stockholm due to the self-proclaimed 'hardness' of the men and women who work for him (Ostling dogs, in particular, are bred and trained in large numbers, and are renownedly vicious), the fear they inspire in neighbourhoods, and the immense pride his disorganised gangs take in the fact that an 'ordinary man' like them has risen so high. If you're in an Ostling neighbourhood and you stand against him, you'll most likely be standing against your entire family as well.

More recently, Georg himself, aging, corpulent, and, having become addicted to his own narcotic, increasingly rambling and confused has become little more than a figurehead; the de facto leader is his wife, Carina - a canny, hard-edged woman with a taste for designer clothing (often demanding Versace coats from lieutenants looking for a favour), and the ever-reliable Dolph, who acts as a voice of reason and an anchor against Georg's more violent tendencies. While Ostling and his immediate family proclaim themselves heroes and protectors of the ordinary people, they live in great wealth in an abandoned country house outside the city - while the wilds and the streets themselves are stalked both by official gang members and dealers, and younger runners and thugs - often youths or even children - who are paid a pittance and suffered rather than accepted.

The Ostling family has recently become threatened by the encroachment of Stagsfire dealers into their territory; wherever Ostling members find Stagsfire men, they drive them away, often leaving some wounded or dead - but the Stagsfire product is of obviously better quality, and customers are beginning to leak. The hot-headed men and women on the street want to declare an outright war against the Norwegians - but Dolph counsels calm.


Because can we deal with the increasing victimisation of the European urban lower-classes and the culture of toughness, violence, entitlement and criminality that is allowed to foster in certain communities, while having a brutal, violent, frightening gang faction? Yes, we can!

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