Night Terror

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Wip quest.png This article covers a work in progress quest.

Work in progress quests get currently fleshed out and are not ready for review yet. Once they have been fleshed out in detail and are ready to be reviewed, they become submitted quests.



Out in a lonely cabin, a man is going slowly mad, as imagined demons toy with him. During the day when the madness lessens, he summons up the courage to end his terror, but each day he comes back empty handed. As the days pass, he grows more frightened and insane, until one night he ends his life(under review) to spare himself from the horrors. Each day he hunts for the lair. Each night they hunt for him.

He is searching for a vitally important piece of equipment/wild plant and cannot return without it.

During the war, his child was killed by a falling gargoyle. James (euthanised/left?) them, and holds himself responsible, though the memory is repressed. One night, James encounters a gargoyle and he is overcome with terror, though he knows not why.

Night Terror solutions

Convince James of his innocence, releasing the hunter (and the PC, if he is afflicted) from the fear. Finishing whatever quest was keeping the hunter in the area. (Scavenging ruins for a certain item?) Save another child, lifting the burden from James.


Middle of nowhere. Forest or village ruins nearby.


James Henrikson, lone hunter.


  • James goes crazy and dies.
  • You help him complete his task and both leave, able to slowly calm down.
  • You convince him to abandon his task, and he goes home.
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