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== Proposed NPCs ==
== Submitted NPCs ==
=== New NPCs ===
=== New NPCs ===

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Wip workflow.png This article covers a work in progress workflow.

Work in progress workflows get currently fleshed out and are not ready for review yet. Once they have been fleshed out in detail and are ready to be reviewed, they become submitted workflows.

This is a list of non-player characters. Make sure you also check out the NPC category.


Creating NPCs

Implemented NPCs

Accepted NPCs

NPCs that will be found in PARPG.

Recruitable NPCs

NPCs that can be recruited to the party.

Non-Recruitable NPCs

NPCs that cannot be recruited to the party.

Submitted NPCs

New NPCs

These NPCs are new:

Legacy NPCs

These NPCs might be outdated:

Work in progress NPCs

Deprecated NPCs

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