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* [[NPC:George K Alzheimer]]
* [[NPC:George K Alzheimer]]
* [[Bowie]]
* [[Bowie]]
* [[Elsa]]
* [[NPC:The Oldest]]
* [[NPC:The Oldest]]
* [[NPC:Mother]]
* [[NPC:Mother]]

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Template:WIP Workflow This is an outdated list of non-player characters. Make sure you also check out the NPC category.


Creating NPCs

Approved NPCs

NPCs that will be found in PARPG.

Recruitable NPCs

NPCs that can be recruited to the party.

Non-Recruitable NPCs

NPCs that cannot be recruited to the party.

NPCs pending approval

Tech-Demo NPCS

  • Kimmo Niitty aka Nikolas aka Kimmo Martinpoika, the community leader
  • Pete Niitty aka Pekko Martinpoika, Kimmo's brother (dead)
  • Jenna aka Janie, the female guard
  • Joni aka Bart
  • Aino Niitty aka Ma Martinpoika
  • Skwisgaar the Crazy Swede
  • (Farmer)
  • (Farmer's apprentice #1)
  • (Farmer's apprentice #2)
  • (Quartermaster), female
  • (Snowshoveler)
  • Jacob (Innkeeper)
  • Synnove (Innkeeper's Daughter)
  • Camilla (Innkeeper's Daughter)
  • Kande (Inn prostitute/scam artist)
  • Cali (Inn prostitute/scam artist)
  • Dig (Inn bouncer)
  • Hoadir (Dog)

NPCs that want to be in PARPG.

(some were "taylored" for specific stories - might need minor or major adjustments)

Denied NPCs

NPCs that won't be found in PARPG, and why.

(Denied NPCs can be rewritten and resubmitted.)

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