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Submitted NPC.png This article covers a submitted NPC.

Submitted non-player characters have been fleshed out in detail and are ready for review by the other developers. Once they have been reviewed and agreed upon, they become accepted NPCs.


Character information

  • Name: Joanna "Mother" Hedquist
  • Age: 54
  • Religion: (optional)
  • Languages: Common language
  • Mental: (Below / Average / Above)
    • Intelligence: Above Average
    • Perception: Above Average
  • Social: (Below / Average / Above)
    • Charisma: Below Average
    • Manipulation: Average
  • Physical: Below Average
  • Combatant: Non-Violent ( see notes)

Physical Appearance

  • General height, weight, and apparent age:
  • Unique features:
  • Usual attire:

Background information


A university-trained nurse and midwife, Joanna was recruited for the Russian army during WW3, and was stationed near Tallinn during the war. With her medical background, she was convinced to join the ELL, and was given the task of providing basic medical care to the children in one of the mining camps. When The Oldest lead the children to escape, she begged him to let her leave with them, pointing out that one of the older girls was pregnant with a guard's child, and that The Oldest wasn't prepared to deal with that. The Oldest reluctantly agreed, and she fled to the City of Orphans with the children.

Unable to have children herself, she's appointed herself as a mother figure to the children, and they've gladly accepted the warmth, every one affectionately referring to her as "Mother." (Mom, mommy, mama, mum, and other such terms are also common.)

She believes in the ideals of The Oldest, and plans to stay in the City to raise the children as long as she lives.

  • What is this NPC trying to accomplish? She wants nothing more than for the City, and The Oldest, to succeed.

Ties to other NPCs or Political groups

  • Does this NPC have ties to other NPCs or Political groups?
    • The Oldest doesn't trust her, but that doesn't stop her from supporting him and his cause.
    • The City of Orphans looks to her as a mother, or in some cases a grand-mother, figure.
    • She is a wanted criminal of the ELL

Relationship to the PC

  • Does this NPC have ties to the PC? If not, how would the PC meet them? Mother doesn't know the PC. She can be found in the City of Orphans, and will offer medical help, though she's not particularly inclined to get to know the PC further. (see notes)
  • How can the relationship evolve? If the PC helps The Oldest, Mother will open up to them.
  • What are the differences for a male / female PC? Mother is only slightly more open and comforting to females.

Quest options

  • What quests could the player receive from this NPC?
    • Mother discovers a disease, or diseases, being passed around the City of Orphans, and has a working knowledge of pharmaceuticals. She needs a particular medication to treat the disease, where her experience of holistic medication won't do.


Related to Main story by NineOfHearts and Dave Matney:

  • Mother fully believes in the ideals of The Oldest, and when he is betrayed by the KSE and finally succumbs to his absolute hatred of adults, she may attack the City of Orphans to "cleanse" it.
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