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Project coordination.png This article covers project coordination information!

Project coordination includes development guidelines, milestone planning and the project's roadmap. Taking a lead role in project coordination is a key task of the project management department.

This article describes what the PARPG project aims to become. Furthermore it serves as a way to clarify the vision of the project by explicitly stating what the PARPG project does NOT aim to become.

What is PARPG?

PARPG is envisioned to become a post-nuclear role playing game. Exact game feature list changes over time, but the following lists the main guidelines for development:

  • The game will be inspired in multiple ways by the classics of the golden age of isometric RPGs. First and foremost Fallout (settings-wise) but also Arcanum (quality of graphics) as well as Planescape: Torment (quality of written dialog).
  • Post-apocalyptic setting. Story, setting and game mechanics are currently being fleshed out
  • Open source code, asset & documention licensing
  • Non-profit. The game and all tools will be free of charge for everyone
  • Open development philosophy. Public development wiki and forums. Anonymous SVN checkout
  • The game will put heavy emphasis on choice & consequence, based on the stats of you the character you play, trying to minimize the influence of the reflexes of the player who plays the game.
  • Therefore combat will not be fought in real-time but in a turn-based mode as in the Fallout RPGs.
  • Instead of full 3D flexibility, the game focuses mainly on using high quality isometric 2D graphics. This puts less demands on target platforms and also simplifies game development.
  • The game will be completely written in Python, utilizing the FIFE open source isometric game engine.
  • We are targeting: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows
  • PARPG is also the temporary working title of the project. We can reconsider this choice once we've assembled a team and worked out the fundamentals especially setting- & story-wise.


  • An open source carbon copy of the Fallout RPGs
  • We are not targeting: mobile phones, BSD variants (it might run fine nevertheless, we're just not officially supporting it), esoteric operating systems with a very small market share

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