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Project coordination.png This article covers project coordination information!

Project coordination includes development guidelines, milestone planning and the project's roadmap. Taking a lead role in project coordination is a key task of the project management department.

The article lists all tasks that are planned to be completed for milestone 1. Strike out completed ones.




  • Release a first version of the rendering setup.
  • Define the camera view and angle.
  • Define and test the rendering setup for various types of sprites. The only issue remaining is with rendering walls.
    • How to make seamless walls units? The current render output right now doesn't seem to produce ideal results.
  • Research what would be the best way to handle building roofs (which would become invisible when the PC enters the buildings)
  • Define the tile image size
  • Define the agent maximum size
  • Define the size of a single tile in PARPG game world
  • Talk to the programming team and see what kind of the features are available and base sprite production on the received information.
  • Ask the programming team to include multi-tile objects into the game, since this is a critical features for us graphics dudes.
    • Have multi-tile objects support in parpg
  • Talk to the programming team and see what kind of plans and features they plan to include later (how much later?) and what does this mean for sprite production
  • Write proper feature proposals for all desired/needed features for the graphics field.


  • Compile a list of GUI elements that will be used ingame
  • Have a set of character stats, and a mechanism for "traits" and "skills" if not all possible ones enumurated
  • Have a combat system that is implementable, and tunable (for balance purposes)
  • Have implementable rules for task resolution using items and skills
  • Have basic concepts for NPC "personality" and combat AI specified
  • Describe all the basic types of items (inc. clothing weapons) and how they interact with the game
  • Have a reasonable, agreed upon understanding of how weather/environment effects work
  • Have a reasonable, agreed upon understanding of how vehicles will be handled


  • Construct a basic game environment
    • Display a map including objects created by graphics department
    • Enable Character to walk through map
    • Save/Load Game
    • Enable limited interaction with other objects (NPCs, containers)
  • Begin compiling list of required GUI elements

Project management

  • Register new TLD and migrate blog, forums and wiki to it
  • Register the project at sourceforge
  • Flesh out Feature list


  • Agree upon one of the two different story proposals that have been brought up
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