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Meeting.png This article covers meeting-related information!

Project meetings are sessions held in the IRC channel of the project to coordinate the efforts and to agree upon important key decisions.

This article contains a list of topics for as well as the results of the July developer IRC meeting.



Sunday, 13th of June, 5-7PM GMT. If you're unsure the time difference between the timezone you're residing in and GMT, check out this useful website:

Type of meeting

General meeting at the IRC channel. Developers from all departments and interested community members are encouraged to take part in the meeting.

List of topics

Current project situation

  • What is the current status of the project? The blog entry summarizes state of all the things ( ), so that we know more or less what things are looking like (with an exception of programming department): no sound effects are made , there is not enough 3D graphics for preparing maps and quests on large scale, but enough for the alpha stage, the mechanics are sketched and ready for implementation. There are some things, rather obscure for me, mainly in the current engine state:
    • what has been made, what parts/features of the game engine are in working state?
    • what is yet to be made, what parts of the engine are seriously incomplete, needs to be rewritten from scratch or are yet to be made?
    • are there any major errors that are easy to overlook for someone stepping in?

Project crew status and destination

  • Who is still willing to make something for PARPG?
  • How much can we push the project forward on our own?
    • If "not much" - will we wait until someone new will arrive (how long should we wait?)? Or rather, if there is not enough enthusiasm - should we cease the work and hibernate the project (where?)?
    • If some progress towards Techdemo 2 is possible on our own - is it significant enough to be taken, is it enough to make PARPG even more attractive for new community members? Is it enough to make game "playable"?

If there will be a chance the project will continue:

Ideas for gathering more people around PARPG

  • Who is needed most?
  • How to make the game playable (or feature-incomplete early-beta) ASAP?
  • Have we done all we can to attract new people here?
    • Looking for the Python hackers
    • Looking for the artists
    • Looking for a manager
    • Places that could be overlooked or forgotten

Important things to notice

There were only four persons meeting: Beliar, Semolina, Sindwiller and me (Q_x)



  • We agreed to keep the PARPG afloat. It still looks like it was not the best idea to close the project.
  • We agreed to have headless type of management - meaning we all know, and all the new members should know our duties and the current state of the project and the direction that PARPG is heading to. There is some infrastructure and workflow mess that needs to be suited for this kind of embarresment, I'll try to manage it personally via the forums. The only "no-like" vote was from Beliar, who does not feel great about it, I guess.
  • Sindwiller proposed new sites to announce our project.

Short range

  • Beliar agreed to code things most needed to make the game playable in cooperation with Zenbitz (if he will agree).
  • Semolina and me (Q_x), having nothing better to do, will make some sound effects.
  • Everyone is encouraged to play dices with UH-Guard. Lets keep chat living.


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