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Meeting.png This article covers meeting-related information!

Project meetings are sessions held in the IRC channel of the project to coordinate the efforts and to agree upon important key decisions.

This article covers the project meeting that took place in late January of 2010.



30th of January 2010, 4:30PM GMT


Developer activity

  1. List of people who are active on IRC, especially all the people who are on IRC when the meeting happens
  2. List of people who are active on the forum

Transition to FIFE 0.3

FIFE moved to 0.3, and this breaks PARPG in a trivial way, which can be fixed. But everyone has to rebuild FIFE as a result, so we need to agree to move and update our download article according to it.

Lack of clear architecture

At the moment there is a lack of a somewhat clear high level architecture of PARPG. We should try to find a developer who has prior experience in software architecture, especially in the field of game development. Once there is a clearer architecture, it will be easier to contribute for junior programmers and it will be less likely that new code will be rather hackish once some basic code structure is in place.


I suggest to keep it how it is for now, but we may extend it in a few areas. We need to find out which are the most important things missing here, and finish them. The Techdemo is already very small, let's finish it finally.

There is another opinion as well. barra suggested to put it on the backburner altogether so that we don't feel pressured to release something ASAP, or to bundle what we have, do perhaps a few more finishing touches, and call it techdemo to find additional developers.
Q_x would perhaps not mind a finished release in one month (At the end of Feb 2010)
Can we make agreement upon what has to be implemented in the techdemo, separate it into trac tickets and release it after solving all this tasks?

Still to tackle

  • Required Art: What is missing here? Techdemo requires perhaps 75% 3D assets.
  • Emergency plan: Barra will take a break for two months; how can we cope with his temporary departure?
  • What to do after the techdemo? What do we aim for?
  • Techdemo video: Updated PARPG development videos so users can track progress without compiling from SVN?
  • Packaging of the techdemo for the supported platforms: Linux, Mac, Win32
  • General inventory list: Is it feature-complete for all departments? Is it useful? How should it be divided? Can it be improved?
  • maximinus proposes a package-every-2-months approach, so that the current binary download is never older than 2 months


Developer activity

Active devs

  • amo-ej1
  • beliar
  • maximinus
  • shevy
  • vaporice
  • zenbitz

Inactive devs

  • barra
  • gaspard
  • kaydeth
  • saritor
  • superfluid / orlandov

Unknown status

  • artifice
  • b0rland
  • justinoperable
  • sirren

Lack of clear architecture

  • A discussion how to improve the architecture of PARPG has been started at the forums:
  • The proposal has been made to discuss improvements to the code for a certain amount of time, implement them after that and focus on features again after that
  • Others have expressed that refactoring is basically an universal part of a software development process; so while implementing the most important improvements in the short run is important, constant refactoring should happen throughout the course of the project

Programming department conflict resolution

  • Maximinus has been elected as formal head of the programming department who has conflict resolution power

Trac usage

  • Trac tickets are utilized for every task that isn't trivial enough to tackle it within two hours of work
  • The obvious drawback of Trac tickets is that they're tedious and boring to write
  • Trac gets hopefully more and more utilized if we lead by example in this field; read: encourage others to write tickets by writing tickets yourself

Transition to FIFE 0.3

  • We've agreed to officially support FIFE 0.3.0 as soon as possible
  • There is a first (although a bit hacky) unofficial patch in Trac that adds FIFE 0.3.0 support to PARPG:
  • This patch is currently tested and will be cleaned up and commited after that
  • Once the patch has been applied to trunk, the Download article needs to get updated to point out that manually patching PARPG is not needed anymore

Techdemo TODO

  • The Quest engine has to be extended so players can actually play through the quests without utilizing the ingame console
  • Packaging of the techdemo for the different targeted platforms will be researched and decided in early March shortly before the release
  • It's hard to decide what the next steps after the release of the techdemo will be but we're positive that the next steps will be more clean once we're approaching the release

Techdemo release schedule

  • The main concern about overpolishing the techdemo is that we won't pull it off with our current resources anyway
  • Therefore we rather want to release our first techdemo sooner than later, even if that means to scale it down a bit
  • A first public release will hopefully help to attract additional new contributors to get involved in PARPG
  • We'll try to add as much missing content and features until the end of February
  • We'll move into release stage in early March, focusing on bugfixing and research how to package FIFE on the different targeted platforms
  • The first PARPG techdemo will be released at Wednesday, 10th of March 2010

Barra's temporary departure

  • Project manager mvbarracuda will have to take a temporary break until early April to focus on his studies
  • Shevy has been promoted to act as temporary project manager until mvbarracuda returns
  • Shevy has been granted proper rights to take care of all admin tasks
  • Important project management tasks have been compiled so that the other developers can take care of them (at least partially) as time permits


Starting at the 2010-01-30T15:26:32 timestamp:

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