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This article contains a list of topics for as well as the results of the July developer IRC meeting.



Monday, 22th of June, 5-7PM GMT. If you're unsure the time difference between the timezone you're residing in and GMT, check out this useful website:

Type of meeting

First official developer meeting at the IRC channel. Developers from all departments and interested community members are encouraged to take part in the meeting. As it's hard to find a common for all interested developers, we should try to establish department-specific meetings to ensure that all departments meet at least twice a month at IRC. This might not be needed for departments that already have informal semi-meetings on the IRC channel on a quite regular basis (e.g. the programming department).

List of topics

The basic idea is to have a speaker for every subject who introduces the topic and also leads the discussion for this specific point.


Splitting up of tasks for the tech demo.

  • How to make the GUI better.
  • Are we happy with the current framework?
  • Suggestions for the dialog code.
  • Object-Orientation in the code
  • Interfaces to separate work to reduce merging/conflict solving overhead



Game mechanics


  • Where are we at with the writing department - are there any (secretly) active writers at this point and what is fixed story-wise if at all; speaker: Gaspard (doing one's best to try and attend)

Project management

  • Introducing department specific IRC meetings, preferably twice a month; speaker: mvBarracuda


The agreed upon decisions are listed here. This way it's easier for developers and community members who missed the meeting to get an idea of the general results.


Link to the full meeting log.

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