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Jacobs is the malls only bar and main social hang out to the malls population, based in an old clothing department. Jacob's is now the hotbed of idle gossip and haven to the hard worked and distant traveller. The place of many a vice Jacobs caters to all.



Jacob is a gaunt man in his early 50s and has taken to the after events of the war like it was his calling. He now runs Jacobs with his 2 daughters - Synnove and Camilla. Hardly anyone remembers that this adept survivalist was once an accountant. Slowly building on his bar branching into whoring and Bed and board, He has grand plans that he fully intends to see through. Full of bitterness and zeal masked in a demeanour of friendship and laughter, charismatic to a flaw and sometimes a charming drunk. While being good company he tends to seek isolation and shuns the public whenever he can. Jacob can be a cruel man that isn't to be crossed lightly. Jacob can mostly be found in bars kitchen prepping food or taking stock. He has basically a utter monopoly on alchohol, something the "Beer quest" means to end. He is the primary rival for power to Kimmo.


Synnove is a simple soul that has a naive air around her that would have killed a more aware person 10 times over, due gods good grace or under her father's watchful eyes she stumbles through life oblivious to its threats and dangers. Is the butt of many a joke with the soldiers although out of ear shot of Jacob. she is fond of wandering the areas surrounding the mall picking fruits for her father's distillery. She is more likely to hinder people she helps through her ignorance.


Camilla is a hard faced 21 year old who mimics her father's ire. Pretty and wise beyond doubt but has been serving in her father's bar since she could remember. Fending of leering drunks has forged her into a intolerant and cold person. She now all but runs front of house for her father as she comes of age. Despite all of Camilla's intolerance to others she is barraged with stories and gossip. She is always listening and is more informed than most people about the goings on in the Mall and further afield.


Dig is a feature in Jacobs. Propping up the end of the bar. He is a bear of a man that can drink all day and never wavier. Full of tall tales and drinking games he is the life and soul of any session. Dig is a patron of Jacobs of sorts, He makes his living breeding Huskies or so he'll tell you but he's more often than not in Jacobs. Now a days is tab is on the house as he acts as a heavy in the bar when things take a wrong turn. Camilla relies on him to back her up and he is the only person that can calm her down when her heckles are up.


Digs fellow drinker - his husky (yes, an actual dog)

Kande & Cali

Kande and Cali are the 'entertainment' in the bar. They are terrible gossips and bitchy in nature. They are thick as thieves and probably are thief's too. They are two con artists, growing up together in the post war world with nothing but their wits, and occasionally, their bodies. They are Grifters - and will just as happily separate the PC from his goods, use him for their aims, or help him if it pays out in the end.

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