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== Project overview ==
== Project overview ==
* [[Creative vision]]
* [[Creative vision]]
* Current milestone: [[TechDemo 2]] (See also [[Roadmap]])
* Upcoming release: [[TechDemo 2]] (See also [[Roadmap]])
* [[Download]]
* [[Download]]
* [[Gallery]]
* [[Gallery]]

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Starting page.png Welcome to the PARPG wiki!

PARPG is a grimly realistic isometric RPG that takes place in the nuclear winter induced frozen waste land of Scandinavia. It uses the FOSS engine FIFE and a customized RPG system. You would like to know about the game? Check out: Creative vision

You would like to contribute to the project? Start here: How to contribute

Project overview.png

Project overview

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Getting involved



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Game development


Writing & story

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Game design

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