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Established workflow.png This article covers an established workflow.

Established workflows have been discussed among and agreed upon by the development department(s). They should serve as documentation how these workflows are successfully utilized in the project.

This list is a collection of the most important tasks that somebody who works in project management of PARPG would need to take care of.


Blog updates on a regular basis

Our blog should be updated on a regular basis, preferably every two weeks. If there is any new content (maps, graphics, audio) to show, this content should be featured in the news update as special attraction to gain the attention of the community.

Spreading the word

The vast majority of the community members does not visit our blog on a regular basis but is rather informed about a new update by us. We've project-related threads at a bunch of forums and update these threads with shortened versions of our news updates including some kind of visual teaser if possible whenever we update the blog itself.

Looking for additional contributors

While we post our shortened updates at a bunch of game development forums where we reach interested developers, we also furthermore utilize the help wanted section for this purpose. We should repost our adverts there every two weeks, preferably together with the news update at the blog.

Sending interested developers the right way

We've recently updated our threads at the different forums as well as our sourceforge help wanted template to point out, that interested developers should rather get in contact with us by introducing themselves at our forums instead of mailing any developer personally.

How to cope with interested developers who ignore this advice is subject of debate. Mvbarracuda will simply redirect any interested developer who gets in contact with him while he's still taking a break from the project to the introduction board of the forums that has been mentioned above.

What is therefore quite important: every interested developer who posts at the right place (the introduction board of the forums) should receive a warm welcome that features this important information:

  • Starting pointers for the specific department the developer considers to contribute to
  • Proposal to test the game by checking out the current SVN version (essential especially for programmers but useful for every contributor if not really tech shy)
  • Important topics / boards of the forums, important articles at the wiki, important tickets at trac to check out (on a case by case basis)
  • Invitation to join the IRC channel of the project to get to know the others; furthermore pointing the interested developer towards the IRC pointers

Coordinating releases

See Release tasks.

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