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Deprecated workflow.png This article covers an deprecated workflow.

Deprecated workflows are no longer utilized by the specific development department(s) at this point. This does not necessarily mean that they have been completely rejected, but it does mean that for now the workflows have been set aside.

This is going to be an article where you'll be able to find all the information you could need when managing files for PARPG (submit graphics, submit source files etc)



So if you can not use or are not interested in learning how to use SVN or just want to make one quick contribution, you'll have to upload a file somewhere. You can use (requires a non-confirmation registration). For nirvana's sake don't use rapidshare, megaupload, filefront or equivalents. Smiley You could also use OpenGameArt, which will make your art available to other projects as well, will give attribution to you and make licensing clear.

File formats

Don't use formats (file endings) that make files smaller (compress) but reduce the quality of the data (are lossy), please use compressed, lossless formats instead. Here some lossless formats and their prefered compressed counterparts:

  • BMP >> PNG
  • XCF >> XCFBZ2

Lossy formats to avoid

  • MP3
  • JPG
  • GIF

Image sizes

  • Inventory items in this early phase should be rougly 500x500px in size. It is nice to see how things look like when they are small - so feel free to play around with 50*50px to see how it would look like as map object in the game
  • Portraits usually share hi-res 4x5 vertical rectangle
  • Tiles are 72x36 pix (adjusting tilesize will be discussed after gathering feedback after techdemo 1 has been released)


Please do not put any logos/watermarks in images and don't scale them down. You put your things here for PARPG to use it!


We release the artwork under certain License and it is hard to release the game with artwork licensed in any other way. Be sure to use content that can be released without any lawsuit issues. Esp. if you're doing 3D - be sure the textures are licensed in compatible way.

Images for the Wiki

You can upload images to the wiki using the "Upload File" link on the left side. Please describe the image in one or two sentences.

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