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Submitted storyline.png This article covers a writing guideline!

Writing guidelines are utilized by the writing department to create content in a consistent and agreed upon way. They contain information how specific types of writing content should be created and explain why the writing process is approached in this specific way.

Fixme.png Please help FIXME: This template is outdated and needs review before it's utilized to create new writing content based on it.

Please use this template when proposing location ideas.

Approval status: pending / approved / discarded


General Information

Where is this located? What is the general purpose of the location? What is the day-to-day life like in the location? Is there anything particularly unique about the location?


What is the history of the location?


Is there a need for governing? Is there a local government, or does it rely on the help of a nearby township or faction? Who's the mayor? Sheriff? What about local guilds, if there are any?

Places of Interest

  • Taverns / Inns / Hotels / Hostels?
  • Shops?
  • Unique areas within this location, including other locations?

People of Note

Who lives here worth knowing?

Quest options

  • What quests could the player receive from this Location, or could bring the player here?
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