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Department project management.png This article covers config options!

Config articles explain how to configurate PARPG on your operating system.

This article explains how to configure PARPG.


What options do I have?

Whenever you try to configure PARPG, you've got three options:

  • Configuration via the ingame settings menu
  • System-wide configuration via the system.cfg file
  • User-based configuration via the user.cfg file

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages

Ingame settings menu

The easier option for newcomers is to configure the game directly in the game itself. To do so, fire up PARPG and click on the Settings button. You can customize the options there and after you're done, press the OK button. Please note that some changes (e.g. changing the resolution) will require a restart of PARPG before they take effect.

Ingame options dropdown bug

PARPG is currently affected by a bug that can crash the game if you change the options in the game after you have started the game via NEW GAME >> NEW GAME. This bug doesn't affect all possible platforms and we're already looking into it to resolve it as soon as possible. In case you're affected by the bug, simply change the options right after you started PARPG.

In case you want to know more about this specific bug, check out the bug ticket in Trac: #291


If you downloaded PARPG yourself and haven't (or don't plan on) installing it on your system, you may modify the included system.cfg file to your liking with your favorite text editor. If for some reason the file is corrupt or you accidentally deleted it, you may generate a new one with the following command: python -m parpg.settings Which will generate a new one in the current directory.


There are two instances where you may prefer to create a user.cfg file over modifying an existing system.cfg

1. Since settings files are hierarchal (eg user.cfg options take precedence over system.cfg options), you may create a minimal user.cfg file with only those options that you care about. In this way, the configuration remains small an easier to manage, since you don't have to filter through al lthe options you don't care about which have to be defined in the system.cfg file.

2. You installed PARPG system wide, but certain users have certain preferences. By using a user.cfg file, you can customize the game without forcing other users to have to use the same setup or continually changing the pre-existing setup.

Settings Options

Here are some pointers for the options in settings.xml that aren't fully self-explanatory but rather useful for most users. We don't document advanced developer options here:

Used renderer. Can be either SDL or OpenGL. SDL is software rendering and is slow and lacks features. Use OpenGL if you can.
Bit depth. Can be 0, 16 or 32. If 0 was chosen, the current standard bit depth will be used in PARPG.
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