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Hotel Kamp sketch by Kukkakaali


General Information

Where is this located? What is the general purpose of the location? What is the day-to-day life like in the location? Is there anything particularly unique about the location? Hotel Kamp is located in Helsinki city. A place for sleeping, eating, gambling and what ever you desire. Hotel Kamp is very popular over the rich because of its prices and nonlimited activities its often noted as the criminals nest. Hotel Kamp is well protected from the outside world and its owners can assure you that your activities are safe within the hotel walls, as long as you have money.


What is the history of the location? Originaly a luxury hotel in helsinki that offered a great place to sleep on a great price. Because of its strong build and purpose as a place for major politicians and rich it survived the war with minimal damages and it has been restored to the original fit after the war.


Is there a need for governing? Is there a local government, or does it rely on the help of a nearby township or faction? Who's the mayor? Sheriff? What about local guilds, if there are any? Hotel Kamp has it own security personell who will take care of any misunderstandings.

Influence on society

Hotel Kamp is lead by violent criminal groups, mafia like organisations that control every trade at southern Finland. If you dont want you head on their plate, youd better pay them for trading on their terriotory, and obey their rules and laws.

Places of Interest

  • Shops? Theres private trade happening inside the Hotel walls, basicly from ww2 era paintings to cocaine.
  • Unique areas within this location, including other locations? The thing that you cant buy or get from Hotel Kamp, there isnt.

People of Note

Who lives here worth knowing?

Under Construction.

Quest options

  • What quests could the player receive from this Location, or could bring the player here?

Under Construction.

See Also wikipedia page of the Hotel.

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