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Recruitment.png This article covers a recruitment advert or template!

Recruitment adverts are utilized by the project management department to find new developers who would like to contribute to the project.

[b]Team name:[/b]
PARPG development team

[b]Project name:[/b]
PARPG - Post-Apocalyptic RolePlaying Game

[b]Brief description:[/b]
The project has been originally founded in early 2009 and has been in production ever since. The game is heavily inspired by gems of the golden age of Western isometric singleplayer 2d RPGs such the Fallout series (especially Fallout 1 & 2), Arcanum and Planescape: Torment. While we released a first techdemo of the project in March 2010, I had to step down from my position as project manager to focus on my studies. Unfortunately the project slowly fell apart back then as I was not able to attract a new project manager to take over where I left. Now I'm at least partially back in action and want to try to get the project back on tracks with the help of ... YOU :-)

The game is set in an alternative future post nuclear Scandinavia. Can you stop the nuclear winter that threatens to turn the Earth into a giant snowball or is the fate of our world sealed?

[b]Target aim:[/b]
Open source and free of charge

As the project has no commercial ambition, the only reward we can offer is the satisfying feeling to work on a project in the spirit of the golden age of isometric 2d RRPG classics. So this is mainly for people who would either like to have a portfolio project under their belt or simply love these old school RPGs and would like to work on such a game themselves.

[b]Supported platforms:[/b]
Windows, Linux, Mac

[b]Talent needed:[/b]
[b]Lead writer[/b]
In a nutshell: our writing efforts never took off in a consistent and structured way. When the project started, we've agreed upon some basic setting guidelines and wanted to leave the rest to the to be found writers. Unfortunately that process didn't work out well in reality. Interested writers in the past mostly focused on fleshing out NPCs or submitting potential storylines for the game. At the same time, no writer was really willing to commit to fleshing out setting elements and what kind of writing themes would be worth exploring in the game. So now we've got loads of writing ideas (TM) sitting in the wiki but there is almost no consistency to them. Therefore we have decided to tackle the problem from a slighty different angle than in the past.

We're looking for a lead writer who would be willing to commit to the more substantial parts of the writing process. We're looking for somebody who is not afraid from making decisions in the fields of setting, themes to explore and storyline of the game. Obviously somebody who is familiar with the post-apocalypse genre would be strongly prefered.

For a more information about the lead writer position, check out this advert: [url]http://wiki.parpg.net/Finding_a_lead_writer[/url]

As mentioned above: the entire infrastructure for such a project is already in place. We're hosting our own blog, wiki and forums while our SVN and Trac repositories are hosted by codesion.com. Furthermore public releases of the project are offered at sourceforge.net:
* [url=http://blog.parpg.net]Blog[/url]
* [url=http://forums.parpg.net]Forums[/url]
* [url=http://blog.parpg.net]SVN[/url]
* [url=http://trac.parpg.net]Trac[/url]
* [url=http://wiki.parpg.net]Wiki[/url]

The best way to get in contact with me is to visit the IRC channel of the project: #parpg at irc.freenode.net (freenode network). In case you don't have access to an IRC client right now you can also simply join the channel via your web browser: [url=http://irc.parpg.net/]join #parpg IRC channel in your browser[/url]

If you prefer email communication for first contact, you can email me as well at Martin DOT Vohland AT googlemail DOT com. Our IRC channel is pretty much the established way of communicating with the other developers so interested writers do hopefully have no IRC aversion :-)

[b]Previous Work by Team:[/b]
I've been working as project manager of the [url=http://www.fifengine.net/]FIFE project[/url] from mid 2005 to mid 2008. FIFE is the isometric 2d engine that we're utilizing for PARPG. We shipped eight public releases of the engine in this timeframe and I was pretty much responsible for the same tasks that I listed above, including recruitment of new developers. Furthermore I've been maintaining the FIFE win32 devkit, a collection of tools and libraries to easily and painlessly build the FIFE engine from source on Windows systems.

[b]Additional Info:[/b]
Here are a couple of screenshots from our March 2010 techdemo release:


And here's even a fancy video :-) nothing beats moving pictures:
[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WaVqYqA5Vv0]PARPG techdemo 1 video at youtube[/url] (switching to 720p quality recommended)

Other project-related art (concept art, portraits, renders, etc. click on the thumbnails for fullscreen versions!):









We appreciate all kinds of feedback. If you want to tell us something, even if you're not interested to get involved, shoot right away :-) We can take it.
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