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The purpose of this wiki page is to serve as a list of various website links with useful images, photos, concept art, or anything that can be used for inspiration for PARPG. Textures and other resources' links go on a separate page. Each link should include a short description of what can be found there. Things listed here are not neccessarly to be included into PARPG, only serve as an inspiration, especially for contributing artists.

People can freely add their ideas, but please provide proper links and a short description of what can be found at that link.


General Links

General links are websites with more than one item of interest.

Transportation and Vehicles

This section is for vehicles and forms of transportation, the two might not be the same in PARPG. Some might be used as actual means of transportation, while others simply as non-moving map objects.


Cool locations, interesting architecture.

People, Apparel

People and interesting things they can put on themselves to look trendy or keep themselves warm.

Gas Masks

(and other enviro./protective gear)


Interesting Scenes

Images depicting interestinng situations and scenes. Usually they show more than one item of interest and don't fit under a particular category.

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