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Idea dump.png This article is an idea dump!

Idea dumps are utilized by the different departments to keep their department starting pages clean. The idea dumps can be used to dump notes at the wiki and flesh out work in progress articles. Once the articles have been fleshed out in detail, make sure you properly categorize them and remove them from the idea dump article.

Welcome to the idea dump of the graphics department!



There is a concept art & renders gallery, collecting most important artwork we made so far for the project.

Inspiration and Research

Having blocks? Just lacking some inspiration? Check the Inspiration and Research section! Or use the help of your good friends Google and Wikipedia:

  • An article on how other engines handle tiles, sprites, etc: Graphics field research
  • List of inspirational references: Graphics:Inspirational References. The purpose of this list is collect various website links with useful images, photos, concept art or anything that can be used for inspiration for PARPG.
  • There is a thread on our forums


Link from the starting page

This link from the starting page breaks the mediawiki box template for some odd reason. There it should reside elsewhere:

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