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Trac.png This article is a Trac how-to!

Trac how-tos serve as documentation how the Trac project management software is utilized by the developers in general or how it's used by a specific development department.

Fixme.png Please help FIXME: This article is currently just a collection of copy/pastes of former Trac-related articles of the graphics department. This article needs a major cleanup and clarification how Trac should actually be used by the programming department!

Trac tickets

  • Look (here is a good query) for a ticket to work with, check if its not ready to be closed or if someone works upon it
  • Announce you start working on it on forums, posting with the topic like "WIP 2D concept art for XY". If it will be a longer work - like a week - leave a note inside the trac, giving an expected date of finishing it, so that other developers would be informed regardless of topic being pushed out somewhere deep.
  • Make something good :), discuss it on the forums and IRC, be ready for taking some constructive criticism (and if it will hapen - it is to make your work better)
  • Upload renders and models or lossless bitmaps into the ticket. All the 3D graphics should be provided as renders from 4 or 8 sides, with zipped models and external textures and attached to the ticket (textures should be compatible with our licensing terms, best if with the source link). 2D work should be prepared and uploaded in lossless quality files (optionally also as .xcf, .psd, .tif, .png in larger scale), in game we use .png files. You could also use OpenGameArt, which will make your art available to other projects as well, will give attribution to you and make licensing clear. If you won't provide licensing information with the files attached to the trac tickets, we will assume it is released under the current PARPG licensing terms. We will always remove an artwork if the author will write to us and ask for it.
  • Leave an information for someone, who will take care for moving your work into the code tree - this may be on forums, may be inside the ticket or even via IRC.

Copy & paste from Trac ticket article

  • What you need. Exactly. Be descriptive, write whole sentence - what it should look like, what would it be. Dead body - ok, but who? Old knife - pocket one or machete? Which quests do this things belong to?
  • Join several things of same genre in one ticket if you wish.
  • Separate things of different genre into different tickets
  • Tag it with tags, as not all artists do all the things:
    • 2D/3D inventory object
    • 3D scenery
    • 3D person
    • 2D portrait etc.
  • Be sure to write you need:
    • Ingame description
    • Source version of the rendered package in to be decided model format
    • Used textures
    • License file with information about used 3rd party content (e.g. textures)

More copy & paste from another Trac ticket article

We use the TRAC TICKETS system for assigning tasks.

  • Pick something from the tasks. If you're not sure if it has been made - just ask. It is better for 3D artists to so scenery objects or locations, not inventory items or portraits.
  • Comment on ticket or forums that you're working on something specific so others would know and don't do your job twice. Notice the anonymous stuff will not get though, so you must write your nick in proper place.
  • Also write there when some kind of proposal could be presented if its something big you're working on, so we won't wait whet you're sick or lost your hands in plane crash.
  • Forums are good place to discuss/present WIP stuff.
  • Remember to render the graphics using the rendering setup and to upload zipped working files to the trac ticket when your work is done (this is really very important).
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