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Subversion.png This article is an SVN how-to!

SVN how-tos serve as documentation how the Subversion version control software is utilized by the developers in general or how it's used by a specific development department.

This article describes graphics-department-specific ways of working with Subversion.


Repository structure

  • branches:
    • media: storage repository for raw assets (3d models, textures, 2d art source files, etc.)
  • trunk: the main development branch
    • game: the game itself, including ingame assets
    • tools: all kind of (asset creation) tools

What goes where

Ingame assets

Raw assets


Commiting 2d art

Commiting 3d models

Commiting textures

Common tasks

Command Line SVN

Commiting ingame assets

Commiting raw assets


Commiting ingame assets

Commiting raw assets

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