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Recruitment.png This article is a contribution how-to!

Contribution how-tos contain an introduction to all important topics and concepts a developer who would like to contribute to the project should know about. There are both department-specific contribution guides as well as one general project contribution guide.

This article is meant to become the starting point for developers interested in contributing to the graphics department. It's heavy work in progress right now and need a major cleanup to get rid of content duplication.

Most common thing should be working with the trac ticket list. This is ment to be our main and least neglected todo list. It is easy to work with, not biased by someone's personal point of view, its easy to combine it when interdisciplinary work is needed. Most important thing is that our trac is really transparent if its maintained well.

Other lists

You can find yourself working with other todo lists on some occasion, not only with trac tickets. Some of them may be interdisciplinary, personal or topic/target-oriented lists that are gathering and coordinating very high or very low prioritized tasks. Be carefull if you're not sure what kind of list you're browsing. Be sure the list is not neglected, try to search a ticket for the task you've choosen and check if it was not done yet. Also be sure you won't make mess by filling someone's else tasks from his/her personal list.

When you're not sure what you're expected to produce

You can find really descriptive things when browsing documentation or discussion of our writing department. On the other hand - when a concept art is needed, its you, who should show the invention and creative powers ;) If you really don't have a clue... Ask for a more verbose description or for a place to find it.

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