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Idea dump.png This article is an idea dump!

Idea dumps are utilized by the different departments to keep their department starting pages clean. The idea dumps can be used to dump notes at the wiki and flesh out work in progress articles. Once the articles have been fleshed out in detail, make sure you properly categorize them and remove them from the idea dump article.

Welcome to the idea dump of the mechanics department!


Interesting reads

Copied from mechanics starting page

Engine requirements-related mechanics

The following meta proposals should be merged in the long run to form a common basis for distilling the engine requirements of PARPG:


Open Computerized Tunable Obsessive Playable Universal System (subject to change)

Combat System

How will battles, fights and other mayhem be handled by the game:

Task resolution system

This relates to "skills" in character system below (but also other gauges, in principal)

Character System

How does the player interact with the his character (PC)? How does the PC interact with the gameworld?

Character Origin

How does choice of Origin(e.g., "tribal", "townie", "lone wolf") effect character generation. See the first part of


Please see: Design Patterns of Successful RPGs. A Resource is something the Player has to utilize to progress in the game. Resources are often granted for completion of quests. Resources can often be transferred between classes via in-game actions.

Innate Abilities

These are the characteristics that are "more" innate and inborn than others. You will recognize some of the as "stats" either primary stats or derived stats. There will probably be two types: Gauges (aka "stats") and Gifts (aka Perks, Traits or advantages). Which turn out to be which will depend on where the game ends up.

Skills (aka Learned abilities)

In many games the distinction between a stat and skill is subtle. But for now, lets say that a skill is something that is readily increased during the game, and a stat is more or less constant.


These are little "specialization" goodies that mod your character from the above innate abilities and skills. They might be "born in" or added with experience by choice, or granted by fiat (e.g., "Gecko Skinning").


These are things that players give their character for flavor, but are rewarded with more "points" to spend on stuff that actually helps them. Fallout "Traits" were often mixed Advantages/Disadvantages.

Wounds, Buffs, and Health

How does the environment affect you? Can you chemically alter yourself? What are the benefits and/or consequences.

NPC interaction

How does PC interact with NPCs? How do NPCs join and leave the party? How is reputation handled throughout the world?

Encumbrance, Equipment and Gear

STUFF! What will be common/uncommon/rare in the game. How will you cart it all around? How to handle "quest" or unique items.

Below is deprecated.

World locations, environment and navigation

Without getting into setting... how will the player navigate his surroundings? What passive dangers must he be hardened against or avoid. How does this tie in with "items" and "health" categories above.

Reward and experience system

What does the player get for "doing stuff"? How does it effect the PC?


Quests and Scripting

Conversation between Technomage and Q_x about quests and event scripting in general:


Additional reading

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