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Current tasks.png This article is a list of current tasks!

Current tasks articles contain a list of tasks that the developers of a specific department are currently looking into or working on. Please add yourself in alphabetic order if you're contributing in the specific department. These lists are meant as an easy way to let the other developers of the team know who's currently working on what. Inactive developers should move their current tasks to their user talk pages while they're taking a break from the project.

Welcome to the current tasks of the mechanics department!


  1. Understand the game mechanics (I understand that they are being developed right now, step by step and that I should participate through discussion).
  2. Create GUI concepts and mockups (I will stick to that and focus on the current milestone).
    1. Mockup a character creation screen (due 14 Dec 2010).
    2. Gather RPG character creation references and design a 'quickstart' way of starting the game - most likely pre-made characters (due 21 Dec 2010). I picked flexible character creation and made mockups</s>
    3. Work on inventory design.


Get Zenbitz to read, amend and contact you about Rowan:Randomisation and object modifiers

P.S. Spelling of randomisation doesn't count.


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