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Wip quest.png This article covers a work in progress quest.

Work in progress quests get currently fleshed out and are not ready for review yet. Once they have been fleshed out in detail and are ready to be reviewed, they become submitted quests.

This is a quest for the PARPG tech demo. It takes place in the fortified mall compound and is coupled with the Beer quest.

For a full and up-to-date listing of what is required please have a look at Techdemo_Asset_ToDo (and update it if you found something not listed there yet).



The PC meets the Gate Guard (near where he starts the game).

She is looking for someone "from the outside", and will give the PC a package, telling him to deliver it to "Pete", offering a little payment for this errant. She also mentions not to tell the compound residents why he is looking for Pete.

She also mentions (should be obvious though) that the PC is NOT to open the package. She will not tell the PC what is in it.

Possible Dialog option:

 "Listen carefully, you look trustworthy enough for a little task I have."
 "Take this package here and bring it over to Pete quickly."
 "I'll pay you ... how about a beer or a bit of ammunition?" # really high charisma of the actor and opposite gender might lead to different answers here but we dont have stats for techdemo i think ... ;)
 "Pete can be found at the LOCATION."
 "Do NOT tell anyone why you need to see Pete, understood?"
 "And don't open it, only Pete needs to see it ..."

The PC wanders around, looking for Pete and encounters the various residents on his way. No one seems to like Pete much, but they haven't seen him either.

It turns out that Pete is dead, and his body was shoved into the cistern. This taints the water in the compound, which everyone notices eventually in the long run, but it's not quite fatal. Once the PC finds out that Pete is dead - he can then fish the body out of the cistern ("purifying the water" in the long run, with the help of the meat hook). The area is not so easy to reach probably, so the PC may have to tie the meat hook to the rope while he tries to pull the corpse out or away.

He also can determine who the murderer was (The Drunkard). Kimmo is the leader; Pete is the outdoors-y guy. He is more in tune with the environment and realizes that the winters are getting worse, and they should pick up stakes and move south. But Kimmo doesn't want to move - he's comfortable running the place here, and if the group migrates he fears the Pete or someone else we become more of a leader.

In his heart, Kimmo knows Pete is right. Kimmo's main power rival is "Jacob", the innkeeper. Kimmo let Jacob set up shop some years back (he was not an "original" member of the group) because at the time they needed some of Jacobs' group's expertise. But Jacob is too much of an "entrepreneur" - he's really only out for himself, and has been slowing eating away at Kimmo's social power base.

Jacob doesn't want to move south either, because he has invested a lot in his Inn for travelers... but Pete might be able to convince him. Right now, the leadership of the group is split, but if Pete convinces Jacob, then they will move.

Kimmo decides to have Pete "disappeared" to prevent this; a Pete-Jacob alliance, especially on the move would probably result in him getting the boot, or worse. But who to do it? Yoni is a drunk, and Jacob controls the booze in town. Yoni is also something of a deadbeat, barely doing his share of the labor to keep from getting booted from the compound. He's not a killer, but Kimmo has promised him a couple bottles of pre-war booze, and he's kind of desperate.

Jenna is basically neutral in Kimmo/Jacob/Pete struggle. She doesn't like any of the three - especially Jacob because of their constant sexual harassment. However, it was Pete who found her as a girl in the ruins, and brought her to the compound. So, she doesn't like him, but she owes him a favor.

Joni has the hots for Jenna, and basically admitted to her that he's going to solve Kimmo's "Pete" problem. This puts Jenna in a bind. If she spills the beans about the attempted murder to Jacob or or Pete, the whole thing will blow up - Jacob will take over, and she is not at all happy about that. If she does nothing, Pete dies. So she comes up with a crackpot plan to warn him to leave town (the boots in the package), and gets the PC to deliver it.

Kimmo has managed to convince the Drunkard to kill him, but the Drunkard almost got caught by Matti the snow shoveler, and had to stuff the body in the cistern quickly as there was no time to put the body away. Plus, he got drunk soon afterwards again and wasn't so readily interested in moving the corpse away... seemed like heavy work, and drinking in the inn is so much easier ...

The gift box has a pair of walk boots in it (a hint that Pete should get out of town quickly). Kimmo has to "disappear" Pete even though he is the leader, because Jacob could use it against him, and will get rid of him.

Possible Outcomes

  • PC doesn't find the body
    • Doesn't open box - (default state)
    • Opens box - if he talks to guard, guard will get all pissed at him and take the boots and (empty) box away. If the beer quest is completed (or already completed) then the Guard relents and repackages the box.
  • PC finds the body - everyone's happy that the water system is clean now. No one seems very upset that Pete's dead.
    • PC tells Guard - The Guard reveals what she knows of the plot, warns PC not to tell Kimmo. If the PC opens the box, the Guard will give him the Boots. Janie will try to get PC to drop the quest, and he can do this, or report it.** PC tells Kimmo - the catch is that since Kimmo wanted him dead, he will supress the evidence (no matter who the PC claims did it)
      • PC tells Kimmo it was the Matti (wrong) - everyone hates PC and will be surly until he makes beer. Matti the snow shoveler is exiled and PC gets job as new snow shoveler!
      • PC tells Kimmo it was drunkard (correct) - Kimmo tries to convince everyone it was an accident.
      • PC tells Kimmo is was someone else - Kimmo refutes it simply.
    • PC tells Elder - She's senile and doesn't believe him, no matter what he suspects.
    • PC tells Jacob - Jacob will demand proof and perhaps try to recruit the PC into his faction...


These are all described here: The Mall#Inn

  • Guard house - the Guard is here who gives you the package. We can use Sirren's guard house here:
    Guard Tower
  • Woodpile - This is where you get wood for the stove. It is effectively an infinite supply of wood (PC can only really carry 1 at a time). The Crazy guy stays here. His job is stacking the wood that people bring in.
    • Graphical assets needed
      • wood (A chunk of wood. There are several chunks of wood around the floor, whoever is responsible for them has no intention of keeping it organized.)
      • woodpile (A pile of wood chunks. The trees those were cut from have suffered badly from cold exposure.)
  • Farm - This is out back and very inaccessible, that's what makes it hard to get the good grain which makes the good beer.
    • Graphical assets needed (As reported in the Forum in Sep 2011, the farm exists.)
      • Plant (A grain plant. It's frail and weak, like it could wither from the cold at any moment.)
  • Cistern - Pete's body is here. The snow shoveler is here as well. He is the obvious red herring, and most people think he is a bit crazy anyway.
  • Kimmo's office - where Kimmo usually resides in, a posh little corner of the supermarket.
  • Elder's bedroom - another corner of the supermarket, a cozy little corner where Ma can be comfortable, enjoying nostalgy, or the old cigarette pack she found.


(Note: Artists, if you see this you may perhaps want to create a portrait for one of those NPCs. We already HAVE a portrait for the drunkard, for the female guard and a few others. Actually, I think we do have portraits for all quest NPCs finally, but if you want to do more go ahead. They can be used in the realgame as well.)

  • Janie, female Guard, in the guard house. She starts the Fedex quest - the actor has to take a package to Pete Niitty. [DONE]
    Jenna, female guard
  • Pete Niitty (male, dead in cistern), Kimmo's brother [DONE]
    Pete, the younger brother, male
  • Kimmo Niitty (male) - the leader of this merry band. Convinced drunkard to kill Pete for him. [DONE]
  • Yoni the Drunkard (male)- killed Pete. [DONE]
    Joni, the Drunkard
  • Aino Niitty/Grandma Niitty (female) - Pete and Kimmo's mom. Totally senile, but Kimmo is still concerned that she can get him trouble if he gets rid of Pete. (Portrait is being worked on by JustinOperable)

"Hey granny, do you need a light for that cigarette?"

"Naw son, they last longer this way. I've been on the same pack for 5 years now ..."

  • Matti the Snow Shoveler (male) - He has a crappy job, shoveling snow into the cistern most of the time and piling wood the other time. Not a very social person, rather quiet. His proximity to the body makes him the "obvious" culprit. [DONE]
    Snow Shoveler the.. snow shoveler


  • Gift box - contains a pair of boots. Gift Box Image:
  • Pair of boots
  • Meat hook (for retrieving the body from cistern) - it's in the junk pile (Can the character 'search' for it?). Meat Hook Image: (to get that damn body out of its place...):
    Simple Meathook
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