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Wip code proposal.png This article features a work in progress code proposal.

A work in progress code proposal is incomplete, but is being actively worked on. The proposal may be in various stages of development, from a somewhat organized idea dump to a fully-formed proposal that just needs a quick spell check.

This document proposes a general experience and level system for skills and characters in tandem with Stats_implementation.


Internally, calculations will use floating point numbers, but in the GUI only whole numbers will be displayed. (The rounding method is not yet decided.)

Conversion from experience to skill level
skill_level = max_level * (1 + 1 / experience)
This formula has three interesting properties:
  • 0 experience gives 0 skill level.
  • 1 experience gives an average skill level.
  • Infinite experience gives the maximum skill level.
To keep the above formula somewhat simple, 1 is the average experience for each skill. This requires an average_skill_gain to be multiplied with the addExperience argument.



  • The above calculations use floating point numbers, possibly confusing people used to dice-based systems, like Dungeons and Dragons.
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