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This is a draft for now.

MrWillis said we could or should have an Encounter table, so please add to this page.

Note - you can detail the encounter more, but it should make somewhat sense.

Feel free to add new things to it! If possible, try to keep the Encounters limited in scope BUT if you want to, you can also make them larger. We could then use some of them to connect to quests and side-plots.

  1. The Polar Bears Return
    • The basic idea of this quest is polar bears are coming back into the area, which is a sign to someone who lived through World War III and the twenty years after the end and now that area is becoming colder, which is worrying to them. After this encounter, polar bears can encounters.
  2. The Spy
    • The idea for this encounter is to just be creepy ... someone is spying on the actor. If the actor tries to approach that spy, the spy disappears for a while ... before he reappears again. The Spy could be from a faction and reports about the actor, or it could be someone who has decided to support the actor somewhat, and could even show up suddenly (with an info box) to support him against a group of robbers or something.
  3. The Old Base
    • The idea is the player is sent to an old military outpost that had not been destroyed in WWIII, and had been abandoned soon afterwords. The player can earn of this through exploring, asking around, or maybe a quest if it fits. There might be battle or two with feral dogs, and some loot. The main point of the place, is the player to find a radio broadcasting a message along of the lines, “The missiles have been launched, I repeated the missiles have been launched,” the message repeating over and over again. The quest is intended to give players an idea of what happened before the end of the old war as we know it.
  4. Hungry Wolves
    • A pack of hungry wolves starts to chase the actor. The actor may be able to throw some meat on the ground and run away, or try and fight through them. If he runs away, the wolves may lose interest. Or they may start to chase him. The encounter should not be deadly, except if the actor wants to stay and be eaten. The wolves, if chasing the actor, should generate a little livequest in a settlement, where a NPC will ask the actor to get rid of the wolves somehow. He could use brute force, or he could learn how to use traps.
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