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Recruitment.png This article is a contribution how-to!

Contribution how-tos contain an introduction to all important topics and concepts a developer who would like to contribute to the project should know about. There are both department-specific contribution guides as well as one general project contribution guide.

Like may other projects, we provide you with the list of easy and rewarding introductory tasks. We understand you can have little time for us, or that you want start with fairly easy task to immerse yourself gently into PARPG dev world.

Be sure to license your piece with the same license we use ;)



  • Write a simple dialogue
  • Write a simple quest
  • Correct our wiki articles

Game design

  • Can we haz maps?


  •  ???

2D Graphics

  • Make hi-res illustrations that may serve as a concept art or a portrait

3D graphics

  • Model anything that fits our small, cold game. Houses, fallen tree trunks, fences, snow-covered brushes, old furniture, improvised facilities and such are of most importance here. Provide us with models and renders.

Music and Sound FX

  • Make some good music --- be sure it fits the mood of the game. It may be short piece if you want, may be long.
  • Make some sound FX
  • Help us to complete a set of basic sounds that fit the game together pretty well; we know there are plenty of free (license-compatible) samples out there, yet no one so far was able to gather the right ones together for PARPG


  • Advertise us somewhere, tell the world that we're here.
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