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Submitted non-player characters have been fleshed out in detail and are ready for review by the other developers. Once they have been reviewed and agreed upon, they become accepted NPCs.


Character Portrait

Dr. Felix Weir, Thread
Dr. Felix Weir concept for the model, Thread

Character information

  • Name: Dr. Felix Weir aka The Professor
  • Age: 47
  • Religion: (optional)
  • Languages:
  • Mental: (Below / Average / Above)
    • Intelligence: Above Average
    • Perception: Average
  • Social: (Below / Average / Above)
    • Charisma: Above Average
    • Manipulation: Average
  • Physical: Below Average
  • Combatant: Will defend himself if provoked

Physical Appearance

  • General height, weight, and apparent age
  • Unique features
  • Usual attire

Background information


20 years ago, Felix was a research scientist in superconductivity.

When the bombs fell, Felix was away at a seminar at another university. He lost contact with his wife and daughter almost immediately and hasn't seen either for 20 years.

Felix has weird memories of the apocalypse: the radiation poisoning, the fighting, the break-down of society. He doesn't like to talk about it much. In the confused aftermath of the bombs going off, he somehow managed to survive.

At first survival was hand to mouth, but things got easier. He fell in with - well, essentially a bunch of thugs - but he was able to fix things and improvise new items - a rare skill in those first rough days. These thugs eventually took over a large series of greenhouses located at the farming research project of XXX university. Nowadays he looks after the plants, tending to the food that is grown there.

Felix is not the boss, but he often has to direct the rest of the gang as to what needs to be done. The rest of the gang call him 'The professor' and like to play practical jokes on him. He is treated as necessary but not as 'one of the boys'. He survives in a rough world because his knowledge helps others stronger than himself.

Felix himself is introverted. The research project has lots of books, thousands in fact, and in the absence of intelligent conversation he has become a total bookworm. He knows that life is unlikely to get better, and has been resigned to this for the last 15 or so years.

What Felix really craves is intelligent human company, and some respect for his abilities. But where does he go, and who can he turn to, for this?

Ties to other NPCs or Political groups

The group of thugs.

Relationship to the PC

  • Potential mentor. Dr. Weir can be found in his greenhouses, at the university.
  • Dr. Weir craving human contact (that he could stand) and may find it in the PC. The thugs spot the PC wandering a desolate highway near the clan enclave and are persuaded to bring him in against the wishes of the clan leader by Dr. Weir.
    • If male: Dr. Weir is curious to the PC's situation, who reminds him of a neighbor's son who used to play with his daugter before he lost everything.
    • If female: Dr. Weir is curious to the PC's situation due to the amazing resemblance she had to his daughter, the one he lost long ago. Sometimes the mind can play tricks on you...

Quest options

  • Dr. Weir can be used to create "super items."
  • Dr. Weir is looking for a place that will accept him, and respect his abilities. The player could be contracted to find the place, and then to escort him there.
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