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Infrastructure proposal.png This article covers an infrastructure proposal.

Infrastructure proposals are suggestions how to improve the project infrastructure; this also includes the code toolchain and tools for code documentation. Infrastructure proposals will be evaluated by the project management department and implemented down the line if they have been agreed upon.

This article evaluates the pros and cons of switching from centralized Subversion to a distributed version control software.


Food for thought

Related proposals

This proposal is related to the evaluation of Trac functionality: Trac evaluation.


  • Git
  • Hg/Mercurial



How to ease the transformation process

  • Test git to see how it performs with our current repository structure:
    • Import trunk into one git repo
    • Import branches/media into another repo


  • Switching to distributed version control, e.g. git, currently in discussion: http://forums.parpg.net/index.php?topic=756.0
  • Requirements for switching to git:
    • Ease to use graphical git clients available for Linux, Mac and Win32 so even devs without a programming background can wrap their head around it
    • git <> Trac integration for tickets, milestones, changesets
    • Free git & trac hosting for open source projects
  • Current status:
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