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This article lists possible tools that are potentially useful for all PARPG developers regardless of the department that they're working in.


Version control software

Subversive and Subclipse

Subversive and Subclipse are Eclipse plugins that provide Eclipse with the ability to manipulate local and remote SVN repositories. See and for details.

Both plugins provide roughly the same functionality, the only difference is that Subversive is an official Eclipse project while Subclipse is made by Tigris (the same organization that makes TortoiseSVN). Subclipse is generally considered to be more polished and stable than Subversive, but your mileage may vary.

NOTE: Subversive and Subclipse can use one of two SVN backend libraries, JavaHL and SVNKit. JavaHL is known to have some issues on new versions of SVN on Linux platforms that cause the Java machine to crash, so if the JavaHL backend gives you any trouble you might try the SVNKit backend instead.

TODO: write detailed instructions for using Subversive with PARPG


TortoiseSVN. Most popular open source SVN client for Win32.


You can interact with the PARPG repos easily with git-svn. See git-svn crash course. Install with `sudo apt-get install git-svn` on Ubuntu.


More clients:

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