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=== Writing dialogue for PARPG ===
=== Writing dialogue for PARPG ===
* [[Dialogue]]
* [[How to write dialogue]]
== Proposals ==
== Proposals ==

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Submitted storyline.png Welcome to the writing department!

Developers in the writing department use their skills in creative writing to design themes, setting & storyline elements. This also includes designing NPCs, factions, locations, quests and dialog. You would like to help out in the writing department? Start here: How to contribute



These are more or less completed, or at least, accepted proposals.


Main Story Line

Smaller stories and ideas

NPCs and Locations

The Player Character and Origin

This overlaps heavily with the Mechanics section. Character_generation_and_stats#Character_Origin The general idea is to have "multiple" back stories, customized to some extent, for individual PCs. The may lead to "several" initial starting locations (than can be merged into the main "Trunk" of quests)

Writing dialogue for PARPG



Dialogue creation

The current dialogue interface is to create specific YAML files containing dialogue mixed with simple gamestate interaction callbacks and conditionals. Currently, the interface is being extended to handle more complicated quests. A GUI editor has been proposed as well (see above)

Writing elements

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