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Established workflow.png This article covers an established workflow.

Established workflows have been discussed among and agreed upon by the development department(s). They should serve as documentation how these workflows are successfully utilized in the project.

This article describes the rationale for code proposals, some guidelines on how to write them, and lists the current active and inactive code proposals.


Why Use Code Proposals

Proposals gather together the various ideas and feedback from brainstorming sessions in IRC and the forums in a structured, cohesive manner. Code proposals not only facilitate communication but help you think about the problem you're trying to solve in a constructive manner.

How to Write A Code Proposal

All code proposals exist as individual wiki pages. To create a new code proposal simply enter the corresponding url (e.g.<proposal_name>) and edit the empty page

Code proposals should be written in a formal manner (i.e. third person view) and use the following template:

== Description ==
Write a brief description/summary of the proposed changes, no more than a paragraph or two.

== Rationale ==
Describe why the changes are needed.

== Pros and Cons ==
Evaluate the various pros and cons associated with implementing the proposed changes.

Add sections and subsections as appropriate to help organize and describe the changes and their effects.

List of Code Proposals

Work in progres Code Proposals

Fixme.png Please help FIXME: Add description for WIP code proposals.

See Category:WIP code proposal.

Submitted code proposals

Submitted code proposals are currently under consideration for implementation.

See Category:Submitted code proposal.

Accepted code proposals

Fixme.png Please help FIXME: Add description for accepted proposals.

See Category:Accepted code proposal.

Implemented code proposals

Implemented Proposals have had code checked in to the SVN repository. The Implemented Proposals should serve as documentation for the actual implementation. Developers should strive to update these as needed.

See Category:Implemented code proposal.

Deprecated code proposals

Deprecated Proposals are no longer considered for implementation. This does not necessarily mean that they are completely rejectedm but for now have been set aside.

See Category:Deprecated code proposal.

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